Product Awareness and Marketing Services

Inform. Educate. And Convert.


Increase Product Awareness and Pull-Through with Effective Marketing Programs.

In order to maximize product access and improve patient care, it’s critical that prescribers are aware of your product and fully understand the value it delivers. That’s why we offer a wide range of marketing and promotional programs to help you increase product awareness and pull-through to tens of thousands of key prescribers and pharmacies.

We offer:

  • Live conferences and meetings, plus virtual seminars and webcasts that meet patients and providers where they are consuming information about your product
  • Event sponsorships that help you boost awareness of your product
  • Direct marketing programs
  • Online and print advertising that carries your product's messaging
  • Telesales campaigns that reach your target audience directly
  • Content/thought leadership marketing that positions your brand for success
  • Electronic detailing