What We Do

What We Do

Sales Careers: Every day the sales executive interacts with many facets of AmerisourceBergen to insure a seamless transition of medication from distribution over to the patient. You are frontline with the customer each day. I was a fashion design major and got out of school and realized that I loved talking to people, I love being around people, and sales is kind of where I was meant to be. What separates AmerisourceBergen from any other company in the industry is that we’re 100% focused on being patient-minded. It’s definitely bigger than just sales; it’s impacting patient’s lives, it’s helping our customers treat their patients and give them the care they need. Some of the key areas that we look at for our sales executives is you’ve got to be passionate about what you do, passionate about the healthcare, respect the healthcare industry. The culture at AmerisourceBergen is so wonderful – everybody is really encouraging, offers support, offers help. It’s a culture of motivation. To have that passion, to have that partnership – it’s one of the most important facets of AmerisourceBergen. We offer a very competitive package, a work-life balance second to none, and we offer you benefits that really help you both professionally and personally. One of the best benefits that we offers is tuition reimbursement. I am about to start my executive MBA program at the University of Alabama, and I don’t think I would have gone back to school without the tuition reimbursement program, or the support of the company. At AmerisourceBergen, the sales executive position’s a position that we look at as a launching pad for the rest of your career. If you are a natural-born leader, you are charismatic, if you’re really passionate about succeeding, about being innovative, and you want to be the driver of your own career bus, then this is definitely the place for you.

Information Technologies Careers:The beauty about being in IT within AmerisourceBergen, is that you get to participate in all aspects of information systems. In IT, we’re able to align with our business partners to really be able to provide the technology to help them accomplish the goals that they have for their business units. IT in AmerisourceBergen doesn’t just mean technology; that is only a small part of what we do. We are working very closely with the business to drive healthcare forward. We’re also looking to innovate and break the mold in the way that healthcare is delivered worldwide. AmerisourceBergen is a patient-focused organization, and what that means is everything for us is about the value of the service that we deliver, and how it can benefit our customers and ultimately the patient. Our customer comes first – that means getting out orders out on time, and providing the technology and support that that happens each and every day. The great thing about working for AmerisourceBergen is that there’s opportunities regardless of which department you choose to start with. We are a business where we embrace the type of people that will challenge us to continually improve. The reason that I chose AmerisourceBergen is because I was looking for a place where I could utilize and further advance my IT technical knowledge as well as my professional experience. We offer a career where you’re providing value back into the supply chain, where you as an IT person actually can influence what goes on in the business and in the healthcare industry at large. AmerisourceBergen offers opportunities for employees to participate in things that they’re passionate about. There’s a women’s initiative, there’s a diversity council. There’s also an ABC foundation, which gives employees an opportunity to give back to the community. Every individual has the opportunity to shape healthcare. If you’re a person who wants to build systems and solutions, that is actually going to drive a better patient experience, then this is definitely the place to come to.

Reimbursement Counselor: A successful Reimbursement Counselor is a crucial role in providing patients access to the drug therapies they need. It’s important to know which portions of information are most significant to which parties and why, and knowing that this role ultimately  benefits the patient. The time that a Reimbursement Counselor invests into research of any individual patient policy allows the provider additional time to focus on patients in their care.  An effective Reimbursement Counselor knows that many providers and patients count on them to gather the information that they specialize in, giving the prescriber the confidence to move forward with authorizations and claims. Check out a day in the life of a Reimbursement Counselor at AmerisourceBergen Lash Group!

Clinical/Nursing: Healthcare delivery is changing daily and the nursing role is rapidly evolving.  Nurses are no longer only working at the bedside, but are needed in nontraditional settings such as the nursing opportunities at Lash Group.  Lash Group employs approximately 300 nurses throughout the country.    Our nurses work with patients in the comfort of their homes – either via phone or in the field.  Lash Group nurses are empowering patients to remain adherent to life- changing therapies. We are looking for nurses who are committed to providing patient- centered care, embracing change, and welcoming new technology. Check out a day in the life of a Nurse at AmerisourceBergen Lash Group!

Warehouse Associate: The role of a Warehouse Associate is critical to enhance patient care within the pharmaceutical supply chain. We are looking for applicants who have a solid work ethic and are excited to work in a fast-paced environment.  Our warehouse associates are motivated and bring a great attitude to help us make our operation a success.   You will be responsible for picking customer orders on a multi-level mezzanine, packing and shipping orders, and troubleshooting problems to resolution. You will be expected to understand all aspects of production and adhere to strict safety, quality, compliance critical and production standards. Check out a day in the life of a Warehouse Associate at AmerisourceBergen!