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AmerisourceBergen is driving innovative partnerships with global manufacturers, providers and pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain. As part of the largest global generics purchasing organization, the leading specialty pharmaceutical services provider and the partner with more community and health system pharmacy relationships than any other—we’re well positioned to help you capitalize on the dynamic changes in healthcare. From product commercialization and distribution to pharmacy, provider and manufacturer solutions, we’re working with you every day to enhance patient care.

AmerisourceBergen. Where knowledge, reach and partnership shape healthcare delivery.


A Solid Foundation
In 2001, AmeriSource Health Corporation merged with Bergen Brunswig Corporation to form AmerisourceBergen Corporation. Since then, AmerisourceBergen has enhanced patient care through unsurpassed knowledge, a broad industry reach, and an innovative partnership philosophy with pharmacies, providers and manufacturers around the world.

A Global Leader
Today, AmerisourceBergen is the leader in global pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services. As part of the largest global generics purchasing organization AmerisourceBergen is well positioned to help customers capitalize on the dynamic changes in healthcare. Services and solutions, including strategic consulting, global specialty logistics, and product sourcing and commercialization, make AmerisourceBergen a market leader.

A Vast Network
With more than 19,000 associates and over 150 company-owned offices around the globe, AmerisourceBergen is improving product access and transforming the healthcare supply chain every day. Its 26 U.S. pharmaceutical distribution centers, 4 U.S. specialty distribution centers, and 2 Canadian distribution centers to maximize supply chain efficiencies mean AmerisourceBergen is well equipped to provide its customers with the knowledge, reach and partnership to shape healthcare delivery.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

AmerisourceBergen recognizes that the economic, social and physical environments in which our company operates are integral parts of our success. Our company's mission is to improve our patients' lives by delivering innovative services and solutions that drive quality and efficiency in healthcare. As we live out this mission, we continually seek to integrate sustainability and social responsibility principles into our daily actions. We have opportunities:

  • In our operations: to ensure safe product handling,manage greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, minimize waste and maximize recycling.
  • In our communities: to leverage associate volunteer engagement opportunities, donate products and support corporate giving. In addition, through the AmerisourceBergen Foundation, partner with nonprofit organizations that focus on health, education and the community.
  • Among our associates: to take care of our associates by ensuring a safe, diverse workplace and encouraging personal wellness.
  • Across the healthcare supply chain: to work alongside our customers and partners to advance sustainability and social responsibility across the healthcare supply chain.

Supplier Diversity

At AmerisourceBergen, partnership extends beyond the relationships we have with our customers—it also encompasses the strategic collaboration we have with our suppliers. 

A strong and diverse network of supplier relationships drives efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare supply chain. The relationships enable AmerisourceBergen to deliver the timely, innovative and reliable solutions that improve patient care and customer success. 

All of this is demonstrated in AmerisourceBergen’s ongoing commitment and actions toward creating inclusion in our sourcing processes. Our supplier diversity program continually evaluates the expansion of opportunities with a spectrum of supplier types—including small businesses, as well as minority-, women-, disabled- and veteran-owned businesses. 

Through this work, we promote fairness of competition, ensure quality of goods and services and drive value for every organization that works alongside us. 

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