How do I apply?
The only way to apply for positions is through our AmerisourceBergen Careers site.  To expedite our Recruitment team’s ability to review your skills, we no longer accept paper resumes that come to us via mail or fax. When you submit your resume to us electronically it enables our Recruitment team to immediately search on your resume and possibly match it to open positions.

You will need Internet access and an e-mail address to apply online. If you do not have Internet access, visit your public library or ask a friend to provide you with Internet access. If you need to obtain an e-mail address, you can create a free e-mail account through one of the following sites:

Can I apply to AmerisourceBergen without applying to a specific job?
AmerisourceBergen is a government contractor and under OFCCP guidelines we cannot retain resumes and applications for future positions.  At this time we only accept resumes for current open positions listed on our careers site. This is to ensure that you have reviewed the particular position(s) and have determined that your skills and abilities are a match for that position.

Is it best to use a recruitment agency to represent me?
We believe applying yourself using our Careers site is the most efficient and effective way to apply for jobs with AmerisourceBergen.

Who can I contact to discuss the position I am interested in?
Due to the high volume of resumes that we receive, we are unable to provide you with a contact to discuss open positions.

How long will a job be posted on the AmerisourceBergen careers website?
The time can vary from position to position. The length of the posting period is dependent upon the speed of our search processes. Jobs are posted until their status changes in our online recruitment system, meaning a candidate accepts an offer, the job has been put on hold, etc.  

When should I plan to hear from AmerisourceBergen after submitting my resume?
Our staff of Human Resource professionals will evaluate resumes in our database and extend interview invitations to those candidates whose qualifications best match the job requirements. If you are invited to interview, a member of the Human Resources team will contact you. If you have not been selected, you will not be contacted, even if the position remains open. 

I have submitted my resume and I believe I meet the minimum qualifications for the position. Why haven’t I been contacted for an interview?
We receive a high volume of resumes for consideration, our Human Resources team specializes in matching skills and experiences with our open positions, will invite only those candidates who most closely align with the requirements of the open position.

Will I be given any feedback as to why I was not invited to interview?
Due to the large number of resumes we receive it is not possible for AmerisourceBergen to provide feedback to those candidates who were not invited for an interview.

I had already interviewed for this position, but was not selected, can I apply again?
Sometimes due to equally qualified individuals, one individual may be chosen over the other.  If you interviewed with ABC in the past and did not receive the position, please feel free to apply again, as long as your qualifications still meet the requirements of the position.